Depth in Space

For this project I wanted to create 3D depth in a 2D drawing. I tried to use six common ways to add depth, including perspective, sharpness, location, layering, size and value. Furthermore I wanted to challenge myself by having this drawing composed of randomized objects. This was done by writing a series of lists and choosing the objects that contrasted the most. I have drawn before, but I was not very familiar with perspective drawing. I was really excited to tackle this project as it would allow me to draw with random objects, rather than overthink and worry about whether my art was “good”.

Brain Storming

I first started by creating a list of six random object groups. Then I listed seven items in each group. All this was to get my mind loose and creative, as well as to get outside of my drawing comfort zone.

  1. Work Tools: drill, hammer, buzz saw, grinder, screwdriver, square vacuum
  2. Car Items: Compass, llama key chain, toy pig, keys, sunglasses, jumper cables, wallet
  3. Kitchen Items: fork, knife, can opener, chopsticks, mug, blender, measuring cup
  4. Currency: yen, dollar, quarter, colones, peso, nickle, dime
  5. Fruits: pineapple, grapes, cherries, blueberries, lemons, peaches, mangoes
  6. Sports Equipment: helmet, bat, ice skates, volleyball shoes, glove, hockey puck, mouth guard

After thinking about the composition of my piece and what objects would be most interesting to draw, I settled on these six:

  • vacuum
  • llama key chain
  • mug
  • dollar
  • pineapple
  • mouth guard

These objects have a variety of circular and geometric shapes. Some objects, like the dollar and the vacuum, are pliable, this allowed me to really mess around with my composition.

The three lists


I first started with five thumbnail sketches to figure out my composition. I found this step rather hard and the overall composition got worse as each thumbnail was drawn. I overthought these sketches and decided the second drawing was the best. This was a really good choice as the second thumbnail was the most organic and dynamic.

Thumbnail sketches

Maquettes & Materials

I then practiced with my medium and general shapes. During this process I just wanted to familiarize myself with these objects. I focused more on the composition of the dollar bills, which in hindsight was a mistake because I had difficulty drawing the pineapple later. Another main focus was the placement of each object, I put a lot of thought into this and it really worked in my favor. The location and layering brought a lot of depth to this piece.

Objects, shading and guidelines

Final Thoughts

I challenged myself to create 3D depth in a 2D space by using 6 key techniques. Overall I felt happy with my final piece, I think I did show perspective in my drawing. I do wish I spent more time understanding the shape of each object as I had trouble drawing the vacuum and pineapple. I am not a fan of how disjointed the drawing is, it feels like two different drawings on one page. I also feel I neglected a few objects, like the llama and mouth guard. All these factors considered, I still think I made a strong perspective piece because of the shading, location and detail.

Final piece

After thinking about this piece for a while, I drew a thumbnail to try and fix a few of the problems I mentioned above. Overall I think this final composition works the best and really adds more depth to this piece.